The Suits of Wall Street


Pixel Yacht Apes

5,100 Pixel Apes will be integrated pixel by pixel onto the Polygon blockchain

1,000 will be *RARE* Pixel Apes that will be utilized in the Decentraland Metaverse

(10 Collections)

RARE, Hoops, Women,

Icy, Gold, Pirate,

OG, Wild, Cyber,


Each with a unique and different utility

* mint date to be announced *

The Suits of Wall Street x PYA

collab comes as we kick off and welcome the year that is 2022.

The world has seen a shift in ideals and unique perspective on what is possible in the real world, as well as the virtual world we have come to know only as, the METAVERSE.

This project is meant to disconnect you from the real world.

Open your eye.

See within.

Whitelist will be comprised of winners from Twitter giveaways, Instagram giveaways, Discord giveaways, and participants in the chat who exhibit genuine curiosity and interest in the project



All Apes will be available for Secondary Market purchase

after mint

Episode 2 - Deploy

In order to access the Exchange

within the Decentraland Metaverse,

one must hold a *RARE* Pixel Ape

After mint, building of The Exchange will commence

A Decentraland account will be necessary

*account must be connected to the wallet that will mint in order to gain exclusive access*



The Builder

is the first step

A development team is put together to chisel the details for initial deployment of a community centered area

*to be announced*

A place where great minds will meet and confer about the macro and microeconomic view on several financial topics

Holders of a *RARE* Pixel Ape will be allowed to participate in live trading of financial markets within

Once we have met everyone and have entered The Exchange, the real work begins

We plan to extend our grasp of building within the Decentraland metaverse to further aid in our study and research of financial markets

Ideas as of now:

- a Library (focused on literature from financial outlets such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Barrons)

- a Lounge (exclusive to all Pixel Ape holders; a place to confer about any and all ideas that encompass the financial world)

- a Store (merch)